Al-Futtaim IKEA takes part in this year’s Dubai Design Week by transforming a bus stop at Dubai Design District into a sustainable living space. With its mission to continuously look for ways to inspire more of the many people to adapt to an environmentally friendly lifestyle and approach to home furnishing, the IKEA Sustainable Container provides everyday solutions where wellbeing is on top of mind for both, people and the planet.

Open to public from 8th to 30th November, the IKEA Sustainable Container is fully remodelled to be a living space as well as bus stop for those in D3. Designed by IKEA interior experts, this container is created using only IKEA materials and products to enable a community conversation while making use of the space. Integrating co-eating, co-creating, sharing knowledge and tools play a major part in forming a more sustainable lifestyle as a community.

The container is divided into three parts. Creating the most Instagrammable corner, the Green Living Solution invites people to relax and rewind. Decked with fresh flowers on the wall and ceiling, this beautiful room is perfect to breathe in some clean air and take fantastic selfies.

Bringing the seaside to D3, the Sustainable Bus Stop Solution helps to bring the feeling of serenity and breezy winds of the beach with an installed air purifier and aesthetic textiles – so simply lay back and relax while waiting for the bus.

The Sustainable Living Solution, which is a 15m2 space, provides a clear overview, helping to avoid unnecessary food, water, and energy waste, and much more. When stepping into the IKEA Sustainable Container, visitors will see various practical ways to help save the planet, including, growing indoor herbs and vegetables by the window to avoid lower emissions caused by transportation, using the first cold water from showers to water the plants and herbs and air-drying clothes after wash to decrease water usage and energy consumption.

Encouraging reuse, renew and recycling of products, visitors will observe various upcycled products placed across the space that were redesigned and made by students from Dubai International School to show how we can extend the life of an object instead of discarding it.

Instead of plastic or single use bags, visitors are encouraged to use the shopping nets seen hung within the container. These come in various sizes, making them ideal companions when purchasing groceries. Versatile products and solutions such as these can be adopted for many functions and activities to help reduce the unnecessary purchase of new items and furniture.

Using small steps to accomplish large goals, the IKEA Sustainable Container is one of the many ways Al-Futtaim IKEA is working to create a difference among communities. With these various sustainable solutions showcased to the visitors of Dubai Design Week 2022, the brand hopes to inspire people but also bring about an impact that supports healthier lifestyle of individuals and the planet.

Al-Futtaim IKEA welcomes everyone to experience a sustainable living at the new and exclusive IKEA Sustainable Container located at Dubai Design District 1, Bus Stop D03 & D3A.