Cairo-headquartered architectural and interior design firm Archiform Consultants plans to expand its European business with the opening of offices in London and a joint venture with Stibich Hospitality Solutions (SHS) in Düsseldorf.

Medhat M Nehad

“We’re excited by the response from European customers and the notable success of our design projects in Germany and the United Kingdom,” said Medhat M Nehad, founder and president of Archiform Consultants. “Our new branch offices in London and a joint venture with Düsseldorf-based Stibich Hospitality Solutions move us one step closer to our customers in Europe and allow Archiform to better support its business development.”

Archiform Consultants design and build turnkey architectural and interior design projects for residential, commercial, and public spaces. The firm boasts its experience in a broad range of projects including villas and townhouse developments, hotels and leisure facilities, commercial facilities, offices, international airports and educational institutions. Archiform has also delivered interior design projects for a number of royal palaces and yachts in the Middle East.