UnitedArtEmirates is a grass-roots art initiative created to unite, inspire, and encourage the UAE’s community during a tumultuous time in the world. The initiative is asking everyone; artists and amateurs alike, to create and share a piece of visual art with Art Painting Lab, whose mission is to paint one or more public murals, using the artworks they receive from the public. These murals will commemorate this time in history; they will tell the story of how the UAE’s residents came together to create something inspiring in uncertain times.

A group of resident artists at Art Painting Lab, an art consultancy and service provider, wanted create opportunities for more artists to be recognised, as well as communicate the importance of art and culture as a pillar that binds societies. Art and artists are relevant during the good and hard times; an integral part of our society, their roles document and shape our history and culture.

“Historically art renaissances occur during tremendous events and often incredible art comes out of them. We hope you will send us your artworks, there is no judgement, good or bad work. Paint like no one is watching…”, said Sam Saliba, founder of Art Painting Lab. Art Painting Lab is hopeful that everyone will take part and contribute – from children to adults to communities across the UAE – uniting to create a monumental masterpiece. The goal is for at least 2020 artwork contributions by June 1, 2020.

How to take part: Contribute your artwork by posting on Instagram and tagging #UnitedArtEmirates, or send it to hello@artpaintinglab.com. All contributors will be personally replied to, and art will be screened to ensure it is culturally appropriate. Deadline for all contributions is June1, 2020.