Andrea Zoumboulis at Remy Architects, talks about the company’s design philosophies and how their latest projects are the perfect examples of their underlying design principles

The language we employ in our design is deeply enriched with the concept of sensory experiences. We feel, we listen, and we touch. We create atmospheres of refined sophistication that harmonise exterior and interior by integrating vegetation and water features in and around the building. The sensory experience works to enhance the user’s psychological depiction of the space and atmosphere. Our design process is initiated with a detailed study of the climate and weather patterns in the region, considering both the macro and micro climate of the site. Taking into account the hot desert climate of the Middle East, we purposely create cooler indoor atmospheres by shielding the building envelope from direct sunlight and heat. This is combined with effectively guiding cooler air into the building through large openings in order to cross ventilate the interior.

Andrea Zoumboulis

We also warrant the use of appropriate building materials and insulation to ensure that the building’s thermal mass operates efficiently. Each project is unique to the client’s needs and vision. In order to translate that vision into reality, we employ several tools to create a homogeneous, creative, and highly functional design.  Our projects effectively combine both culture-sensitive and open-plan living in design, ensuring that there is maximum privacy to the users without compromising the large open spaces. It is also culture-inclusive, incorporating traditional concepts and vernacular architecture, translated into contemporary design. We build our own models at various stages of the design process, starting with massing models and conclude with large detailed models. These models are crucial tools that allow us to create a geometrically appealing and proportional exterior language.

The concept of our projects is developed with the help of a multidisciplinary team based in UAE and Argentina. Another important aspect of any building is the exterior, which is shaped by studying proportions, scale, and visual connections between volumes. Openings for windows are established according to the initial climate studies, and deliberately located according to internal space requirements.  The idea is to create unique perspectives, dynamic spaces, and occupy the volumes effectively. We are committed to envisioning and building each client’s dream project.

Zoumboulis shares a few of the projects by Remy Architects.

Type of project: Residential
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area: 650sqm

This residential home located within a gated community on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, is on a plot overlooking a lagoon. The project is developed in sections, obtaining three levels of uses. The social area is divided in two. One sector includes a double living area and a space for casual dining with the kitchen located on an elevated level gaining the best views towards the lagoon while the other sector on the ground floor combines a barbecue area connected with the pool. This way, the loudest spaces such as the garden, pool, and barbecue area are together with the guest bedrooms, while the master and children’s bedrooms are located on the third floor to ensure privacy and comfort. The main door is cladded with lapacho wood and connects interior and exterior green areas. The circulation of the house is surrounded by green areas, steel details, and a glazed roof to catch natural light. For the interiors, a warm palette of materials was used, working with jura stone, lapacho wood cladding, wood flooring, and black steel details. The barbecue area, located on in the same level as the swimming pool, has two glass openings that open completely, merging interior with exterior. The barbecue area and infinity pool located towards the lagoon form the space of relaxation for the guests of the house.

Type of project: Residential
Location: Nordelta, Argentina
Area: 1000sqm

This house is located in Nordelta, a neighbourhood in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina whose rectangular plot has privileged views that look out onto a lagoon. It’s a weekend house for a couple with children with a diverse program including spaces for recreation and relaxation with much comfort. The plan in the form of ‘C’ allows to generate an inner patio that receives North light while semi-covered areas protect the building from the sunlight of the West. This project consists of three levels with the social area arranged on the ground floor in direct connection with the outside landscaped area and the pool, the private programs on the first floor consisting of family bedrooms, a guest bedroom, and a TV room for family gathering while the third level houses the spa. These three levels are visually connected by the central area with its triple height space, a complex space where the sculptural staircase sits coated in travertine, floating above a black reflection pool which houses a volume for the wine cellar. The pivoting main door is cladded in wood with black steel finishes, adding warmth to this palette of noble materials. The tropical aspect of the landscape gives colour and life to both the exterior and interior. The toilet is covered in pieces of black granite, which visually hide its boundaries, and is completely integrated with a patio of light which connects with a vertical garden in the triple-height space. The large master suite has a desk space visually connected to the bedroom. The division resolved in glass and wood has a system of blinds incorporated to provide privacy. The spa, which offers a relaxing space inside the house, is coated in absolute black granite floors and dark walls. All the furniture and equipments are designed and tailored especially for each space as unique customised pieces, resulting in the house having an integrated design and great use of details.

Type of project: Residential
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area: 950sqm

This home is located in a privileged plot in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina with incredible views to the lagoon. This project consists of three levels with a social area arranged on the ground floor in direct connection with the landscape and the pool. The private programs on the first floor consist of family bedrooms, a guest bedroom and a casual sitting area for family gathering while on the third level, an office, pantry, and a TV room overlooking the lagoon. At pedestrian level, the front facade seduces with a set of travertine panels that fuse with the large panels of the gate and main door clad in lapacho wood. The circulation divides the main entrance from the social areas with a triple height green area and a reflection pool coated in dark granite. A travertine cladded wall emerges from the green area and disappears into the sky towards the glazed roof. While discovering the house, several green areas and a glazed roof accompany on different levels. Overlooking the garden, a double living and formal dining room takes shape. All set with minimal furniture of the highest quality. The travertine marble floor extends to the exterior outside, blurring the boundary between the inside and out. The kitchen and casual dining develops longitudinally to the ground and expands in the semi-covered barbecue area. For the interiors, a warm palette of materials were used, working with travertine, Italian nogal wood cladding, and black steel details