Benoy has revealed new details, renderings, and images of their latest project, the Global Business School (GBS) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.The new business school, which will have students from the Kingdom as well as internationally, is expected to open in 2020. Currently, the Global Business School (GBS) offers executive education programs in collaboration with Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School of Harvard University (USA), SC Johnson College of Business of Cornell University (USA)and Imperial College Business School (UK).

The design philosophy of GBS is in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to develop a progressive, knowledge-based economy.

The brief for Benoy, which has in the past delivered award-winning education buildings for the University of Nottingham in the UK, was to design a new business school for both male and female in Jeddah, which would reflect the client Shababco’s ethos of promoting the youth and education, supported by gender inclusion and knowledge sharing in a creative environment, encouraging social engagement and innovation. It was Benoy’s creative approach and ability to understand the commercial drivers that were pivotal to Shababco choosing Benoy as a design partner for the state-of-the-art educational institute.

Situated in Jeddah, the project evokes Benoy’s dedication to creating places that will inspire the users and have a positive impact on the wider community and environment. Spread over an area of 31,336sqm in total, the Global Business School will provide the core academic, executive education, administrative and faculty facilities over six levels. The larger South wing, will house a gym, sports arena, auditorium, knowledge centre and student dining halls, supporting the core academic and executive accommodation. The North wing, with the smaller footprint and its own distinctive form, will house the innovation centre, faculty offices and teaching accommodation.

“Benoy’s design approach for GBS is driven by Shababco’s innovative approach of a business school that embodies the country’s rapidly-evolving image and is the manifestation of the increasingly progressive approach that KSA is embracing and promoting. Those aspirations and commitment to support the young and highly educated society are reflected in GBS’s architectural philosophy, which goes beyond the ordinary – it is not an ordinary business school, it the knowledge and social hub that is inspirational, fun and encourages social interaction,” Dr. Makarem Batterjee, founder and president of the Global Business School.

“The Global Business School will demonstrate the evolution of education – how it is provided, how it can empower the new generation of KSA citizens and how it is transforming in line with new thinking and the global technology shifts. Our client is committed to furthering the aspirations of the new generation, and we are honoured to be part of this transformation – to create a business school where the art of finances, technology and creative industries interact to inspire the future leaders of our time,” Monika Laudencka-Sobik, director, Benoy.