Adriana Hoyos, principal and head designer at Adriana Hoyos Furnishings, discusses her family-owned business, growing trends, expansion plans, and the brand-new furniture line available at Bloomingdale’s Home.


How would you describe the Adriana Hoyos style?

 Charismatic, elegant, fashionable, and timeless


Founded in 1994, how has the brand and designs evolved over the years?

Founded in 1994 in Ecuador, Adriana Hoyos has evolved into a an internationally recognised global brand with headquarters now in Miami. I am grateful for the growth and success we have had over the years and although there have been many changes one thing has stayed consistent and that is that we remain a family-owned business and I believe that is something that has contributed significantly to the growth we have enjoyed. The dedication to constantly looking for ways to bring the very best to our clients, improving the way things are done, the client-centric nature of our business is very much tied to this.


Adriana Hoyos


Do you have any tips for people when they’re buying furniture?

When buying furniture, I think it’s most important to look for pieces that resonate with who you are, your style and that match with your lifestyle. And that the pieces you choose are timeless, for example if you are looking for a sofa, I always advise to try and keep the fabric a neutral color because you can always add or change color with the pillows. If you love colour or print, I think adding lounge chairs are a great opportunity to integrate this pop or even go a little wild. For the living room I also suggest looking at nesting style tables for your cocktail table, this allows you to integrate different materials and create a more dynamic space.


For the dining area it’s important to choose a dining table with the right kind of base. I always like to pay attention to the legs; I usually recommend more of a pedestal base because it’s easier to accommodate more people.


What collections are being currently retailed at Bloomingdale’s? Have you noticed any specific buying pattern from the Middle East region?

Currently, we have a mix of collections retailed at Bloomingdales including Galapagos and our newest collection GEM. It is inspired by fine jewellery, the precision, and craftsmanship behind their design as well as the delicate yet tough nature of precious gemstones, most notably the diamond. 


What trends are you noticing while designing homes?

There are a couple of trends we have been working with this year. The first has to do with color selection, this idea of creating soothing atmospheres through neutral and muted hues. Creating subtle contrast between colour combinations that ultimately contribute to making a sophisticated yet calming space. Next one has to do with diversification of materials through the integration of different textile textures, woods, metals and stones. Not being afraid to mix materials. This complements well with the previous trend because it adds a layer of elegance and balance.


You have worked across many residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. Does any one particular transformation stand out for you? Can you explain the process you go through while planning such projects?

 First and foremost, we need to understand the necessities of the people that are going to inhabit the space or if it’s a commercial project how the space will be used. Find the essence, if you will of the space. For example, with the restoration and modernisation of the Vanderbilt Mansion at Fisher Island. For us it was really important to respect the history and DNA of the building by using elements, colors and textures that represent the Island’s essence while integrating memorabilia from the original home. It was also important to create spaces within the mansion that club members could enjoy at different points but that still felt like one home.


For example, within the mansion there are four distinct ambiances, with four different uses. Our challenge here was to make each one unique based on what the club member usage was.


For the drawing room, the club’s living area, we used Florida colours to lighten up the space and mixed modern furnishing such as our sleek Rumba crescent sofa with rattan upholstered chairs that are more rustic and looked like peacocks, the iconic bird of Fisher Island.


In the snooker lounge, at the mansion’s bar, we used rich velvets, dark blue walls and crafted intimate seating areas that gave the space a speak-easy feel.


City View, the terrace restaurant, was an underutilised space that has the best view of the Island. When I saw this space, I envisioned a fun and lively indoor-outdoor restaurant that invited guests to enjoy the views to the Miami skyline. To do this we adopted a Mediterranean feel that mixed nautical textiles with relaxed seating.


What is new in the pipeline for the brand in the region?

 We’ll I’ve been fortunate to just return from an amazing trip to the Middle East where we visited the Dubai Expo and our locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and I can say there are so many great things coming. But right now what I’m most excited for is the opening our first store in Qatar. The store which will be opening soon in Doha’s Festival Village is our fourth store in the Middle East. As a part of this visit, I actually went to Doha to meet with the new store’s design team and our partners at That’s Living and I could not be happier for what’s to come.