Bluehaus, a disciplinary interior design, architecture, and MEP firm, announces its achievement of the BIM ISO 19650 certification. As an early adopter of BIM technologies in the Middle East since 2013, this certification marks a significant milestone in the firm’s efforts to enhance information
management practices through Building Information Modeling (BIM). The BIM ISO 19650 certification is a globally recognised standard that sets the framework for effective information management using BIM. Achieving this certification is a testament to Bluehaus’ rigorous efforts over the past three years to
enhance its BIM capabilities, ensuring that its processes meet the stringent requirements of the ISO 19650 standard.

“We are thrilled to have achieved the BIM ISO 19650 certification, a significant accomplishment for our team,” said Ben Corrigan, managing director of Bluehaus. “This certification not only validates our commitment to excellence and innovation but also highlights our dedication to providing our clients with the highest level of service. It has been a rigorous three-year journey, and I am incredibly proud of our team for their hard work and perseverance.”

The certification process involved a comprehensive audit of Bluehaus’ information management processes. Bluehaus developed a detailed Information Management (IM) process to align with ISO 19650-2:2018 requirements. This included the creation and implementation of procedures to manage and integrate information within the organisation’s Quality Management System (QMS). “This achievement reflects our success in managing complex projects such as just completed Sushi Samba in KAFD, Riyadh, BASF, Siemens Expo, Expo 2020 Foodhalls, and Government of Dubai Media Office, where our advanced BIM processes significantly improved collaboration and efficiency,” added Corrigan. “We believe that this certification will not only enhance our operational efficiency but also strengthen our relationships with clients and partners, assuring them of our commitment to quality and reliability.”

The firm established a robust procedure for assessing project needs and determining the viability of bids, ensuring that all BIM-related projects meet the necessary standards from the outset. Bluehaus designed comprehensive procedures for responding to tenders and managing project appointments, including the development of a pre-BEP (BIM Execution Plan) and detailed responsibility matrices to ensure clarity and accountability across all project stages.

Detailed processes were created for the mobilisation of resources and IT infrastructure, as well as the collaborative production of information. This included the establishment of procedures for checking and sharing resources, generating information, and conducting quality assurance checks. The firm implemented a rigorous information delivery process, ensuring that all project information is shared
and published according to the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

The audit, conducted by BRE Group, confirmed that Bluehaus’ processes are in full compliance with ISO 19650-2:2018, covering all critical aspects of information management in BIM projects. Specific documents and templates reviewed included the BIM Production Handout, which outlined the standards for naming conventions, Revit model templates, and drawing numbering conventions. Task Team’s CVs and Training Plans ensured that all team members are highly qualified and continuously
trained to meet BIM standards. The BIM Execution Plan (BEP) detailed the strategies for information model delivery, project meetings, and quality assurance procedures. The Information Delivery Risk Register captured and managed potential risks associated with information delivery in BIM projects.
The BIM ISO 19650 certification is expected to open new opportunities for Bluehaus,
enabling the firm to undertake more complex and large-scale projects that require
advanced BIM capabilities across the region.