Bosch Home Appliances introduces a new suite of smart home appliances powered by Home Connect.

Built around human needs and technology use, the new range of appliances work seamlessly together to bring convenience into the home, made possible with Home Connect technology. Home Connect is an app that is available on smartphones or tablets and allows the user to control and monitor their home appliances remotely.

The Home Connect application allows the user to control home appliances while home or out of the house – perhaps to check if the oven was actually turned off, or if the fridge door has been left ajar, the app will notify the user. Through the app, the user can also gain access to inside their fridge, through smart camera technology, to check if they need milk while in the grocery store even without their shopping list with them or if they are on their way home to pre-heat the oven, ready to start cooking.

The Bosch Home Connect smart appliance range includes refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens, hob and hood, built-in coffee machine, and dishwasher. All these information and control settings, and can be managed through Home Connect app.

The Bosch Brand Store, located in Dubai UAE, offers a Home Connect Experience Zone, where customers can try out the appliances in real time, experiencing both the application and products.