Nar Café has launched its first sub-brand called Nar Social in Motor City, Dubai. It’s a casual and laid-back version of the original Nar Café concept. The new sub-brand shifts its focus and attention towards the dining occasion, as opposed to the moody lounge concept of the café.

Keep all this in mind, Brand creative has given a raw and unaffected finish to this restaurant with an enveloping soft warm glow. The ground floor of Nar Social is a non-smoking area, therefore the reference to smoke is less about shisha and more about food and aroma. A wood-fired oven is the stand-out feature, boldly cladded from floor to ceiling in brick to create a dramatic effect. The oven is flanked by a customised wooden sculpture hand painted in gold and black with abstract shapes that mimic that of flickering flames.

Handmade imported Turkish tiles are used intermittently for the flooring, create a traditional feel, but with a bold and modern flair, which contemporises the space. Elements of the original shisha pipe, inspired design were incorporated as a connection to the café brand. However, unlike the former dark pipe pillar cladding, a gold leaf paint was used to add to the overall warm glow of the space.

Through the concept of exposed raw finishes and embracing the architecture of the space, the staircase became a central feature to the design. Concrete steps were partnered with smoke-infused glass panels and a unique combination of metal rods, enhanced with oversized beadwork, which was inspired by traditional jewellery. The staircase provides the perfect transition from the dining area to the upstairs smoking area.