Bellacure Beauty Lounge is a well-known brand in the UAE that is rapidly expanding, with a new salon recently opening in Sheikha Fatima Park, Abu Dhabi. Brand Creative’s new inclusive beauty space encapsulates a positive escape that is a sophisticated and feminine rendition of a retro beachside terrace space, drawing inspiration from cheerful colours, layered reflective finishes that capture light, and a biophilic approach that significantly enhances each area.

Wrapped in sweet sorbet colours and luxe velvet textures, the design’s palette of finishes is inspired by a 1970’s California vibe meets Portofino. The brief was to embrace the brand’s current feminine identity within the new location’s space whilst introducing new ideas and materials to create moments of delight.  A café within the salon space brings an unexpected retreat for women, offering the chance to indulge the sweet tooth and coffee aficionado.

With metropolitan style neon lights, soft-rounded edges, warm yellows and light pinks used to celebrate the highlights of the 70s, the space is carefully designed to be warm and welcoming without having to sacrifice the sense of tranquility you seek from a pampering experience.

Entering the beauty lounge is similar to entering a boutique hotel, with mirrored displays of products and clothing complemented by uplifting and adorning words displayed in neon lights. Inspirational moments are sprinkled throughout the space as important elements in conveying a positive, laid-back atmosphere. The curved reception counter welcomes you with biophillic drapes overhead, next to an iconic pink fringe ceiling feature above the cosy waiting area’s velvet-red and light blue diner-style seating. The beauty lounge evokes memories of summer vacations past by incorporating warmer colour gradients derived from the landscape of the Amalfi coast.

With modernity in mind, abstract archways are formed over the staircase leading to the cafe with various shades of tinted glass, inspired by the regal archways and ancient staircases of Italy, a foreshadowing of the ultimate wellness and beauty experience that awaits upstairs.

The focus on layered materials throughout the space brings an added value of depth to the overall design experience. This effect is also incorporated between the hair stations, maximising the space without having to sacrifice the open flow of the area. Accompanied by luxurious treatment rooms designed with lightly toned walls and accentuated with gold flakes, bespoke lighting features and styling stations using layered tinted coloured glass offers a fresh and youthful rendition to what one considers feminine elegance.  To truly capture the nature of the feminine throughout the space, a bold harnessed ceiling feature, is tastefully showcased as a vision in pink, of which all components of the ceiling are painted in the brand’s focal colour.

Light and Lives are the lighting supplier for this amazing project.

The distinctive café is accentuated with soft curves, biophilic drapes and retro inspired bar stools, designed to create a space for social interaction with aromatic coffee and treats whilst waiting in between treatments. Central to the space, the red-velvet theme is continued with lush couches and centerpieces adding to the invitation to stay and socialise.  If socialising is not on the agenda, soft pink archways direct you towards the terrace for a quiet retreat.

Photography Credit: Micheal Kruger Photography