We are thrilled to unveil the much-awaited CTW Global Summit 2023 Conference Program, set to take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre on September 18th, 2023. Aimed at empowering B2B companies and B2G entities, CTW Global is the premier exhibition event of the year, promising to deliver unparalleled insights and strategies that will boost businesses to thrive in the dynamic Services Sector.

CTW Global Summit 2023 boasts an exceptional line-up of VIP speakers, each a distinguished expert in their respective fields. Among them are distinguished figures such as Dr. Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaveri, CEO, and senior Advisor to Royal family offices, Mrs. Marianna Bulbuc, CEO & Managing Partner of Bizmoiss Group, and Mr. Faseeh Elahi, Founding Member of the World Metaverse Council, Mr. Katik Bhatt, Chief Operating Officer of Sharaf Retail alongside many other esteemed individuals. These experts hail from the Finance & Banking, Digital commerce, and Sustainable Innovation & Technology sectors, bringing with them an exceptional wealth of knowledge and experience.

Diverse Perspectives from Industry Experts

The conference will feature an impressive line-up of leading experts from various industry sectors, each presenting their unique perspectives on key Service areas. Attendees can expect in-depth discussions on critical topics such as Special Economic Zones, Professional & Business Services, Digital Commerce, Sustainable Innovations & Technology, Supply Chain & Logistics, Art & Culture/Entertainment, and Finance & Banking. These esteemed professionals will provide attendees with comprehensive knowledge and actionable strategies for success in the Services Sector.

Captivating Sessions Designed to Inspire Growth

CTW Global Summit 2023 boasts a meticulously crafted agenda, with a wide array of sessions designed to address crucial topics within the Services Sector. Some of the captivating sessions include:

  1. Shaping the Future of Global Trade and Collaboration
  2. The Future of Mobility Infrastructure
  3. Digital Transformation in Free Zones: Opportunities and Challenges
  4. Sustainable E-commerce Practices: Balancing Profit and Environmental Impact
  5. Empowering Finance: Exploring the Synergy of Blockchain, AI, and UAE’s Regulatory Framework

Immerse Yourself in Learning and Innovation

The CTW Global Summit 2023 Conference Program guarantees thought-provoking discussions on industry-specific topics, workshops aimed at enhancing essential business skills, and interactive seminars on emerging trends and best practices. Attendees can look forward to immersing themselves in an atmosphere of learning and innovation, where they will gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving Services Sector.

Unprecedented Networking Opportunities

Participants can also take advantage of excellent networking opportunities throughout the event, fostering connections with industry peers, potential partners, and influential decision-makers. CTW Global Summit 2023 offers a platform to build meaningful relationships that can shape the future of your business.

Register Now for CTW Global 2023!

Registration for CTW Global Summit 2023 is now open! To register or find more information about the event, visit our website at www.ctw.global

CTW Global Summit is a renowned event dedicated to facilitating meaningful connections, fostering innovation, and driving growth within the Services Sector. With a commitment to providing top-tier content and networking opportunities, CTW Global Summit brings together industry experts, leading professionals, and businesses to explore the latest trends and strategies shaping the future of the Services Sector.

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