Broadway Interiors, a Dubai-based interior design studio, unveils the interiors of The Els Club’s refurbished 261 Bar & Restaurant. This transformative project, which was recently finished, reimagines the convergence of modern design with a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is set within The Els Club, affording spectacular views of the famous golf course, as a tribute to Ernie Els’ incredible 2003 Mercedes Championship victory. Broadway Interiors’ refurbishment of 330sqm contains various design details that considerably improve the overall eating experience. The restaurant’s focal point is a large-scale preserved olive tree strategically placed in the centre of an elliptical shaped custom-made communal seating booth.

Relocating the bar to open up the views of the golf course, the restaurant is a blend of timeless materials and warm aesthetics. The décor seamlessly blends traditional materials, such as warm wood tones and black-and-white porcelain tiles, with contemporary design styling. Vertical green walls extend towards the ceilings, infusing a sense of tranquility and connection to nature and the surroundings, further enhancing the intimate, homely feel. Additionally, diverse seating options, from custom booths to high bar tables and Chesterfield sofas, cater to a range of dining and lounge experiences. The décor, a mix of warm wood, combined with earthy tones throughout, are coupled with harmonious decorative patterned fabrics, introducing a twist of fun and colour, creating a casual yet sophisticated vibe.

Balancing the needs of families and sports enthusiasts, 261 Bar & Restaurant offers a dual-concept space. It smoothly transitions from a relaxed dining area ideal for families to a lively sports bar, catering to golf and other sports fans. The expansive outdoor terrace, a haven for families and pet owners, especially during the cooler months, adds to the venue’s appeal. Significant changes include the addition of the conservatory, completing the perfect geometry of the space for the dual function venue. Washrooms have been remodelled and increased in size, as well as the introduction of a new pastry and deli bar, to accommodate grab and go and more timely food options. “Over the years, working on various projects within The Els Club, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the unique clientele that this golf club attracts. Each project, including the recent redesign of the 261 Bar & Restaurant, has been an opportunity to fine-tune our approach to meet the specific tastes and preferences of the Club’s members and visitors. Our designs are tailored to enhance their experience, blending timeless design with comfort in a way that resonates with the sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere of the Club,” says Chris Barnes, founder of Broadway Interiors.

Another interesting feature of the redesign is the incorporation of Oryx switchable smart glass on the glass roof, allowing adjustable control of natural light. This technology ensures a comfortable dining experience, irrespective of the time of day, to further enhance the experience. Artwork utilises Ernie’s personal memories and famous quotes, adding connection between him and the venue. The integration of bi-folding doors from Oryx at the end of the redesign process further enhances the venue’s dynamism and all year-round flexibility. These doors open up to the terrace and a golf course, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor settings and embracing Dubai’s warm climate. Broadway Interiors’ redesign of 261 Bar & Restaurant epitomises the harmony of innovative design, functionality, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, establishing the venue as a distinguished destination in Dubai’s dining scene.