The R+D department of the Cosentino Group launches another innovative surface—Grip+. It’s an advanced, innovative treatment that guarantees slip-resistance on Dekton ultra-compact surfaces, providing maximum safety to public and private projects. Dekton Grip+ also offers a smoothness that’s similar to the material’s standard finishing, thus providing a very pleasant feeling when walking across it barefoot.

Dekton Grip+ classifies as R11 under regulation DIN 51130, and also meets the Class 3 regulation. Grip+ blends together the anti-slip innovations and solutions that the Cosentino R+D department has been developing for years.

As a result, Grip+ allows Dekton to position itself as the best product for anti-slip applications on the most demanding flooring, whether located inside or outdoors. This can include dressing rooms or community access points, ramps, pavements, terraces, surfaces in and around pools, showers, or spas.

Grip+ is also easy to maintain, long-lasting, and offers resistance to scratches, stains, cold, heat, and UV rays. It also absorbs very little water, among other qualities. Dekton Grip+ will be applied to a total of 16 material colours and will be gradually incorporated into other tones in the product range.