Find different and exiciting colour pairing from the Jotun Colour Trends 2021 collection with the perfect counterpart. The collection features newly-developed colours complemented by timeless hues, carefully selected by Jotun’s colour experts, from Jotun’s extensive archives.

For the chocolate lovers
Whether you’re a fan of Milk, Hazelnut, or Dark chocolate, you can find your perfect match:

Velvet [10246]
Take a trip down nostalgia way with this warm, muted yellow evocative of the caramelized spice of Lotus Biscuit.

Impression [12125]
Soulful, gilded, golden brown, reminiscent of the elegant, nutty taste of hazelnut and milk chocolate.

Belgian Brown [10385]
Bite into the very essence of warm Belgian Brown with this rich and silky slice of chocolate.

For the hopeless romantics
A true statement maker for the hopeless romantics – take a look below at Jotun’s pick of colours of the earth that connect us to each other and the surrounding landscape.

Welcoming Red [20167]
A golden and pleasant red, with a hint of pink, inviting you into a love full of warmth and wisdom.

Natural Clay [12124]
Colours of the earth connect us to the surrounding landscape with this rustic and authentic orange tone. Perfect for those of you who like a little bit of earthy tones.

Desert Pink [12120]
Driving down to Qudra Lake with your loved ones never seemed so fun. Love is the essential building block of human life, just like this Desert Pink.