Andrea Zoumboulis, partner architect, Remy Architects talks about the firm’s design philosophy and the award-winning KH Villa

Over the past 12 years, Remy Architects with offices in Argentina and UAE has been awarded nationally and internationally. Our designs are a result of a careful analysis of the building’s environment and its users. We create structures that provide a sophisticated sense of luxury and comfort with minimal impact on the environment. This is achieved by collecting detailed information about the client’s needs, project’s location, culture, available technologies, geographical, and climatic conditions.

We are guided by empathy through understanding the client’s requirements as well as basic psychological needs. Fundamental studies on culture and environment are done at an early stage, which moulds the base for an architectural design. Inspired by the preference of function over form, our designs take into consideration the human scale and the environment. Our focus is based on creating innovative and contextual architecture. This is generated through a variety of different tools. Our designs harmoniously integrate nature with contemporary architecture. Predominantly pleasing our clients with unique designs tailored to their needs, we also generate sustainable buildings by blending architecture and technology. We dictate the mood and human behaviour by creating exclusive and diverse interior atmospheres that stimulate the user. Inside our studios, the team works as a unified unit and more than often as a family. As we continue to grow, we depend on the necessary exchange of expertise and experiences from all members of our diverse team.

KH Villa, Abu Dhabi by Remy Architects

Our award-winning project, KH Villa in Abu Dhabi was designed to be a successful marriage of Emirati and Western living. The culture-sensitive spaces are furnished with warm contemporary finishes and allow an abundance of light into the house without compromising the internal temperatures. The villa also incorporates mashrabiya panels to shade the bedrooms and provide privacy to the users. We owe a part of our success to the unique concept of merging the Emirati vernacular with contemporary and sustainable architecture, one that is relatively new to the private residential design industry in the UAE. As design and construction activities continue to evolve in the region, finding the balance between physical and economic growth is important to be able to create unique livable places.

The studio’s vision is to broaden our design language and develop projects of varying scale within the region. Our designs emphasise on user experience and sensory stimulation. Often these concepts are overlooked on the detriment of a unique user experience. Our aim is to produce designs that will benefit private clients and the public for generations to come.