Award-winning maker of sculptures, sundials, and water features, David Harber is proud to announce the launch of his latest sculptural work “Orbis”. “Orbis” is inspired by the elliptical orbits of comets, things that come back to revisit. It evokes thoughts of galaxies, planets as well as the notion of outer space. The sculpture reminds the viewer of nature’s continuum and conveys that very sense of reassuring return. This striking piece is balanced and dynamic, featuring morphing blades that give a sense of rolling energy. Its uniqueness lies in the interplay of metal, gaps, and shadows which, when hit by sunlight, create innumerable mutations of colours, and give movement to the sculpture. This original creation conveys a sense of strong physicality through the use of various tones, textures, voids, metal and mass, while at the same time presents itself as a delicate and fragile piece of art.

David Harber, founder, comments: “I would like people to be excited by a sculpture that conveys a sense of precarious balance and levity, with the gently opening blades inferring movement. For me Orbis has a mood of mass and resolute resilience.”

Available in an almost unlimited colour palette, countless colour tones can be noticed in any variant due to the multiple layers of moving shadows when light hits the blades, creating a unique appearance from every angle. “Orbis” is made to commission, and the first version of this striking sculpture has been created in a beautiful turquoise marine grade stainless steel. Measuring 1900mm high, 420mm deep and 900mm width, it is available in 316 stainless steel.

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The price starts from £28,580+VAT.