Louay Bawadikji, architect and managing owner at Bawadikji Interior, explains the exciting process of design from execution to finish

We have been around for nine years and it’s been a great journey so far. I personally think that Dubai is the most important and relevant cities in the world as compared to any other city abroad because the competition here is strong and massive. We offer complete solutions like fit-out, design, and landscape for residences, offices, restaurants, and hotels. I have realised that what gets you repeated customers is the standard of quality you maintain. When we talk about any new project especially the residential one, we always try to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality of space. Our homes are the most intimate spaces, so working together with the clients and giving them the personalised services is our motto. The design industry is going through an interesting phase and technology is making it even more exciting.

Louay Bawadikji

Nowadays, after measuring space, we provide the clients with 3D perspective using all the colours, furnishings, and furniture selected to give them a better sense of space. This gives them an idea of the mood board that would be used across space, which includes the colour selection and materials that would be used. This results in an open discussion with the clients and they are free to share their feedback and suggest changes. This can usually go back and forth quite a bit and a designer usually won’t stop refining until they are sure the clients are happy. Once the client is happy with the design, we refine it further providing further details and exact measurements for all the joinery works, electrical, and plumbing plans. After the initial stage of planning, our design process derives fundamental aspects of safety, functionality, aesthetics, ease-of-maintenance, and economics. We work closely with our clients in all stages from selection to finishing touch.

These days, landscaping is gaining a lot of interest. Creation of best landscape design, which also pleases visually, is actually not less than an art. What needs to be kept in mind are the material, apparatus, and fittings, which will be part of the design process. Moving further, lighting is the essence of any project, we provide lighting design services as well, this includes architectural lighting, villas lighting, and landscape lighting. We have a talented in-house team of highly trained labour and together with our supply chain partners, we offer a complete interior solution fulfilling the needs of our customers. Design is nothing but what appeals to your clients. In the end, they should be happy and satisfied. There is so much happening in the design industry that at times, it’s difficult to match the steps. So, I keep it simple and I make sure that I match up to the level of expectations of my clients and deliver them high-quality services.