Dubai-based studio has announced the completion retail project, a bespoke luxury chocolatier concept Glow, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Deemed the “Diamond of Chocolates’ Glow concept store design process started with the concept of luxurious chocolate experience in mind. “When we were brainstorming about the brief concept, we realised we have an opportunity to create a unique brand story in a niche market that is a chocolate concept store,” said Mahsa Gholizadeh, founder and design director at Design by Mahsa studio. “We transported ourselves into the world of chocolate and diamonds and the end result created a unique shopping experience for the chocolate lovers” added to her comment.

“Many clients stepping into our store now feel like they are in a luxury jewellery store and that was our goal: to make chocolate an unforgettable experience,” said Al Nahdi, owner of Glow.

Glow concept store promises to provide a luxurious experience where the customer can enjoy delicious chocolates with a premium twist to it, along with a high-end gifting experience where the customer can choose from various of customised boxes of chocolates (in-store or online), transforming the act of giving into a personalised delicious memory.