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Interior boutique firm – Design by Mahsa has completed and successfully handed over its latest project to Bulldozer Group, the owners and operators of Sand Restaurant.

The newly opened contemporary restaurant, Sand, specialises in refined dining, serves cuisine from the Middle East region.

Tradition, flavour, climate, landscape; in addition to the art and culture of the region was considered to depict the outcome of the interior design concept of the restaurant.

The natural sites and lifestyle of some countries such as Kazakhstan’s Charyn Canyon and the silk road yurt camps inspired the colour schemes, artwork, shapes, textures and materials used in the design.

The interior design makes use of neutral colour schemes which brings out the beauty of the natural landscape-like aura in the space. This is also conspicuous in the choice of materials. For instance, the ceiling feature at the restaurant is representative of the shape of the rocks at Charyn Canyon.

In terms of artwork, the entryway is shaped in the form of sand dunes in the desert; while the entrance signage at the back panel is also designed to reflect the mountains. The choice of decoration reflects unique handicrafts. The use of dried flowers, which has over the centuries been used for décor and even medicinal purposes is also expressive of the climate in many of the countries whose dishes are served on the menu of the restaurant.

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Sand Restaurant is a contemporary restaurant with oriental inspiration from Emirati, Moroccan, Uzbek, Georgian and other Middle Eastern culinary delights and dishes in a chic and modern setting.

The dining areas are interspersed with lush greenery improving the aesthetics and feel of the natural ambience – a typical characteristic of all Design by Mahsa projects, geared at improving well-being, and sustainability.

Speaking after the handing over of the project, founder and design director – Mahsa Gholizadeh said: “It has been exciting working on the Sand Restaurant project, and I am particularly thrilled that we delivered on time and exceeded the quality and value expectations of the client. The restaurant operates within a particular niche, and so we had to make sure that we paid attention to every detail, as we incorporated tradition with flavour into a sustainable masterpiece design.”