Design Infinity recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and announced that they will provide complimentary LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification to their upcoming prestigious clients.

There are multiple benefits of having a sustainable facility and this announcement will be significant in several sectors like hospitality, healthcare, new construction, and interior fit-out.

Commenting on the announcement, Pratap Mendonca, managing partner of Design Infinity said: “Design Infinity marks 10 glorious years of service in UAE. We would like to offer complimentary LEED Certification to our forthcoming prestigious clients. We lay strong emphasis on sustainability and believe that this offering will help our clients to consciously move towards sustainability.”

Geetha Nayak, managing partner of Design Infinity added: “There are several advantages of LEED Certification such as lowering energy and water consumption, prioritising building efficiency, decrease in operational costs, increased asset value and ensuring productivity, comfort, health and well- being for occupants. We have always believed in providing excellent service to our clients and we will ensure that our clients benefit from this offering.”

With this announcement, Design Infinity will set another benchmark in the service offerings in the fit-out industry.
Design Infinity on their 9th anniversary last year announced a Two Year Defect Liability Period for their clients. Design Infinity is the first interior fit-out company to make this offering in UAE.

Design Infinity is also the first interior design company in UAE to achieve SUPERBRAND status. With the Head Office in Dubai and licensed branch in Abu Dhabi, a 50,000sqft joinery and a glass & metal factory in Dubai Investment Park, Design Infinity today is a well-known brand in the interior fit-out industry.

Since establishing the business in 2012, Design Infinity has always maintained exceptional year-on-year growth. Design Infinity has completed 700+ projects in varied industries.