Karen Pissarra of Design K, Dubai-based interior design firm, announces the completion of one-of-a-kind environmentally conscious store design in Oman. Go Green Oman, located in the heart of Muscat, is the first-ever ‘package-free’ supermarket to open in the GCC region. Recognising her intuitive talent for balancing functional, aesthetic and physical elements to create nurturing spaces, Go Green Oman approached Karen to lead the design, space planning, fit-out drawings and lighting plan for their cutting-edge store concept. The brief was the simple kind that requires attentive skill to execute well.

A contemporary, clean, and white store that made ample use of natural lighting alongside green plants and natural wood. In addition to this, a key focus was to be placed on the customer experience. As the regions first ever packaging-free store, Design K was focussed on how customers would navigate around the space. This involved very detailed thinking around the setup planning and proposed product display, recognising that retail design is not purely about the aesthetics of the space, but also on how it will perform functionally and commercially. The team wanted to ensure customers felt at ease when navigating around what would be a very new concept to them.

A delicate balance between function, design and customer experience was key. The design had to incorporate a large number of functional business requirements including ample storage and display units categorised by products, functional seating areas, a chiller area and large deli counter. The unique hands-on approach with the client saw the Design K team working alongside them with every last element on the inventory list to ensure it was represented and displayed in harmony with the overall design concept.

Additional specialist aspects included a number of wall units that were to incorporate gravity and scoop bins, a method in which customers placed groceries into reusable containers. The contemporary design was visualised with detailed 3D renders, smartly covering every last corner of the space. A material combination of natural white oak wood veneer, ample greenery, a seamless grey flooring finish and exposed ceiling with thoughtfully selected accessories completed the design concept. The result? A natural, light-filled Scandinavian-style space using visual storytelling that guides customers through the new concept store in an organic way. The airy lightness felt as you enter the space combined with the green-filled exposed ceiling features, natural-looking display units and thoughtfully placed resting areas take you on a grocery shopping journey filled with calm. From the merchandise tables to the vegetable stands and deli counter, every last corner is considered a true representation of the eco-conscious brand.

Pissarra says: “I strive to bring a sense of delight and peace through design to all of my projects, and Go Green Oman presented the perfect opportunity to instil this belief. We’re very proud of the outcome, having developed a design that truly emphasises and tells the story of the store’s commitment to the environment.’ The wholesome, thoughtful and green-focused store is now open in Muscat, Oman, welcoming discerning customers from across the city to shop without packaging. A pinnacle project that supports the country’s 2040 vision for a greener future.”