Regional interior and furniture designer, Aline Hazarian based between New York and Paris, showcased her latest collections in Dubai for the first time at the recently concluded Downtown Design in November 2021.

Inspired by the aesthetic movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, particularly Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Hazarian does not follow trends and instead aims at creating a timeless collection of designs. Hazarian pieces pay homage to the designer’s Armenian heritage, with the concept of her designs based around Armenian mythology and folklore heroes.

Focusing on larger scale furnishings, Hazarian works with bronze in unprecedented ways. Aline Hazarian objects are designed to add character to the home, with each piece carefully handcrafted by artisans, cast in Hazarian’s own foundry, and produced in limited quantities to create a sculptural feel. Her designs combine functional necessity with the perfect silhouette, placing form and function at the heart of every piece. Each piece becomes a sculpture, an object of art that fits harmoniously in its home to serve the overall harmony and interior flow.

Hazarian’s pieces are designed to evoke a feeling of home everywhere, creating a space for family living. Paying homage to her own family and heritage, the concept of Hazarian’s creations are based on Armenian mythology and named after the heroes of Armenian folklore including Ara, Anahit, Aramaz, Shivini, and more.

Collection highlights include Anahit, an over scaled coffee table featuring Azarian’s iconic mix of polished and patinated bronze in gold and black; Aramaz, a rectangular console table so slender it might almost disappear were it not for the mirror-like finish of its inner surfaces; Shivini, a console table that stands out as a statement piece with no two parallel sides and an organic texture; and Haldi, a visually delicate side table bringing out the artist’s poetic touch with a pink bronze table top cast in a fingerprint pattern.

Here are some of the stunning pieces worth looking at: