Azhar Sajan, director of Casa Milano, examines industry trends, customisation of sanitary fittings, and how the brand will soon enter e-commerce so customers can shop online from the comfort of their own homes.

What is trending in bathroom fittings?

The bathroom trends for 2022 are about new shapes, new materials, and new ideas. The focus is on serenity and luxe texture. Colours are rich or calm, and light is comfortingly traditional or architecturally modern. The unifying theme, though, is one of excitement to create a space you love to be in. People want to be different and bespoke touches like reclaimed pieces, statement mirrors, and coloured ceramics help them do that. Some of the key looks are sculptural taps, arches, curved showers, raw and natural textures, and fluted finishes.

Tell us about the latest technology for bathroom fittings.

With the help of ever-evolving technology, the world is on its way to building a better and more sustainable future. We have recently introduced smart toilets by VOVO, which have features like a water-saving automatic flushing system that distinguishes between larger and smaller flushes by detecting how long the user has been seated, UV LED sterilisation and a hybrid water heater that warms the water while hot air is circulated through the air dryer.

What excites you the most in the industry today and why?

In recent times, especially after the pandemic, homeowners have taken a greater interest in the finer details of home improvement rather than relying on their architects or interior designers. It has become important to include an element of luxury. We at Casa Milano, are happy to fulfil these luxury dreams since we have home improvement options across a wide range of categories based on the budgets and tastes of our clients. I believe, if there is one room that deserves a little extra luxury, it’s the bathroom.

Azhar Sajan

We are still seeing a lot of colour and textures used in bathrooms to create a calming, tranquil, and luxurious atmosphere. What are your most recent offerings in this area?

Our environments affect our experience of life. Although each space in the home is important, from the foyer to the kitchen, many of our most personal practices happen in the bathroom. It’s where we wash and assemble ourselves to present to the outside world, and it’s where we should feel the most relaxed, and most comfortable in our skin. We offer a wide variety of sanitary fittings from our Spain series in colours such as chrome, matt black, matt gold, matt grey and bronze brass that complement the Calcutta Green and Amazonite Slabs from Italgraniti.

How important are touchless, water-saving and energy-saving products for the brand?

Scarcity of water is a worldwide problem. I feel it is critical to utilise touchless sanitary equipment not just as a company, but also as a person because they are not only hygienic, but they also save water and energy.

Your brand is leading in customised sanitary fittings. What gives you a competitive advantage in this segment?

Our basket of products includes options from all the price ranges, which gives the customers an option to customize their sanitary fittings as per their preferences. There are hardly any players in the luxury sanitary space. Another advantage is that we are the official distributors of Corian surfaces in the region/ country. As you might be aware, Corian solid surfaces are fully customisable and can be moulded into any shape or size. One can also have a backlit Corian wall customised for their bathroom. We also offer customisation of marble for walls as well as countertops for vanity.

What are the latest vanity trends?

I personally believe that trends vary from person-to-person, some may opt for giving an aesthetic touch with just the vanity of a different colour like a red vanity in a white bathroom. While some may opt for a minimalistic look for their bathrooms and some may look for extra storage spaces.

Where do you see the future taking you, especially with regard to expansion plans and the direction of your company?

Our primary goal for the year is to go digital, i.e. to enter e-commerce and allow customers to shop for luxury home improvement solutions online. In terms of growth, we intend to open showrooms in other emirates and other parts of the Middle East.