du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has announced the official availability of its new Business Starter Plan for specific enterprise customers across the UAE. Following increased demands from home office, small office, and small enterprise customers for fixed services nationwide, du’s all-in-one solution will ensure they capitalize on a host of simultaneous benefits moving forward, including seamless data connections with free landline calls, quick and easy setup, and greater cost-efficiency. 

This latest news aligns with the UAE’s vision for advancing the national economy, with small enterprises a key driver for sustainable development and unlocking economic potential. Ensuring a business-friendly environment for every incumbent is a National Agenda imperative, and du’s Business Starter plan will uphold this mandate by facilitating smart services, support, transparency, and innovation.

For AED 399 per month, enterprise customers will receive unlimited fixed broadband connectivity, limitless calls to all landlines, and an advanced router through the solution. Furthermore, customers will be able to avail other business-focused add-ons, including a credit card machine, Microsoft Office 365, and an .ae domain name that will improve daily operations. Through the collective provision of these services, enterprise customers will become accustomed to an all-new fully digital experience with instant internet and landline activation, as well as enhanced efficiency and a sizeable price differentiation compared to fixed regular products.

As a leading national organization in the telecommunications space, du strives to introduce advanced digital solutions that create an empowering, encouraging, and opportunistic operating environment for smaller enterprises aiming to make an impact in the world of business. Looking at the evolving needs of the enterprises, du has launched a new Business Starter Plan for its corporate customers with a range of exclusive benefits. With the launch of its Business Starter offering, du has upheld this long-standing commitment to those it serves once more. Overall, the success enterprise customers enjoy will be supported by the unlimited data, technical superiority, lower costs, and overall credibility of the new solution, which is certain to contribute to a thriving SME sector at the national level in the years ahead.

du’s Business Starter plan is a fixed product that has been designed specifically for office premises. Small retail customers and any enterprise with 9 users or less who do not require fixed speeds at the same time will also never encounter usage concerns.