Dubai Home Festival is back for its fifth edition, as the largest specialised celebration of furniture, tools, home essentials, and furnishings in the region. As the exciting event approaches, design and furniture companies in the UAE and beyond, are gearing up to unveil numerous new and exclusive promotions for home décor and furniture enthusiasts, as well as those looking to refresh their existing spaces or move into new ones. To celebrate the Festival, Ebarza, the most loved home décor and furniture brands, announced the launch of new and exclusive collections that stand out with innovative ideas that make it simpler than ever to achieve the right balance between elegance and modernity – embracing the philosophy of Wabi Sabi.

Ebarza has also announced discounts of up to 75% on various furnishings and decor items during this period, allowing customers to make the most of this exceptional event and experiment with innovative ideas in their homes and offices. The collections included in the promotion include unique and innovative wall coverings using eco-friendly and flexible stone panels, and a range of exquisite furniture pieces with stylish leather touches, manufactured using the same techniques employed in crafting luxury leather bags. These pieces are sure to add a sense of understated luxury to any home.

Maana Abu Daqqa, the CEO and founder of Ebarza, expressed his excitement about the launch of the Dubai Furniture Festival, saying: “The Dubai Furniture Festival serves as a unique platform for showcasing new ideas in the world of decor. Since the beginning of this year, we have embraced a set of ideas that promote a return to nature and simplicity, with the most prominent being the Japanese philosophy known as Wabi Sabi.” The philosophy revolves around simplicity of composition, not seeking to fix flaws, and the ability to understand raw beauty as nature. The brand believes the new collection presents a matured outlook, and is ready to contribute to a groundbreaking shift in the world of design, elevating prevailing concepts and making them more appreciative of simplicity than ever before.

Speaking about the high-end materials used in the collections, Abu Daqqa said, “The use of natural materials is one of the cornerstones of this innovative style, and finding beauty in natural imperfections is one of the goals of the Wabi Sabi philosophy. For example, we previously relied on polishing marble to make it shine like a mirror; however, now we are moving towards using unpolished marble with its natural texture. Through adopting this philosophy, we aim to encourage the use of earthy and organic colors that transform spaces into tranquil and harmonious environments inspired by nature.”

The Dubai Home Festival runs from 13-29 October, 2023 across the city.