With the UAE residential property scene ever shifting with new developments every week, older buildings often require internal renovations to maintain their status as premier investment properties. Ebarza offers practical solutions to carry out these updates that enhance the quality of their interior spaces, elevating them to match their external appearance and strategic significance.

At the turn of the millennium, the UAE experienced significant urban growth, expanding both horizontally and vertically with new residential areas and towering skyscrapers. This propelled the UAE to the forefront of global residential tower completion, with 27 out of 100 towers listed by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in 2013. It is now over a decade since the list was published and the real estate market in the UAE has shifted greatly.

One of the standout solutions introduced by Ebarza in this regard, is its modern and exclusive collection of wall cladding systems, replacing traditional solutions such as wall paint or wallpaper. Among the notable features of these new materials is their durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions such as moisture and heat. Despite their robustness, these materials possess a level of flexibility that allows them to bend at corners, creating flowing spaces that appear more comfortable and elegant.

In line with its commitment to returning to nature, Ebarza has also launched a range of cladding alternatives to stone and marble, made from natural stone powder. These alternatives boast a realistic texture simulating marble, ease of installation, and an affordable price compared to natural marble, along with resistance to various environmental conditions, qualifying them for both indoor and outdoor use.

The past decade has also witnessed a tremendous development in lighting technologies, with the emergence of LED as a practical and attractive alternative to traditional lamps. Ebarza has thus introduced a new range of smart and controllable lighting solutions, adjustable through smart devices to suit different lighting intensities and colors according to the room’s purpose, whether for reading, relaxation, or sleep.

In this context, Maana Abu Daqqa, the company’s CEO, commented: “In response to the desires of our valued audience, we have launched our exclusive collection of wall and floor cladding materials to lead a revolution in the world of interior design. With the completion of our collection, these rooms with beautiful and luxurious claddings are no longer exclusive to five-star hotels and luxury apartments alone. Now, everyone can upgrade their homes to achieve a modern, healthy, and elegant space.”