ELIE SAAB and Corporate Brand Maison are proud to announce the opening of a space in dedicated to ELIE SAAB Maison, an absolute reference point for the most exclusive shopping. Located in the Interiors Department on the third floor, space will be inaugurated just in time for the holiday season. “Harrods has always been a historical and strategic partner for ELIE SAAB.

The outstanding customer experience that Harrods offers goes in line with our brand identity and personality. Showcasing ELIE SAAB Maison collection in a space dedicated to Home and furniture will invite our brand’s enthusiast to immerse into a new experience touching every aspect of living.” Thus, Elie Saab Jr., CEO ELIE SAAB Group “London couldn’t be missed from the journey we embarked on with ELIE SAAB Maison, a journey that started in Milan last September. An influential source of trends in the worlds of fashion, music and art, London is a cosmopolitan city in which different cultures and styles mix in perfect harmony. A unique place, capable of hosting an international community, that in this extraordinary city chooses to live, work and visit. The Brand ELIE SAAB is much loved here, and the windows of Harrods, which have always been aimed at the world, looked at and admired, represent the ideal stage for the presentation of the ELIE SAAB Maison collection on the territory.” Thus Massimiliano Ferrari, President of Corporate Brand Maison.

The ELIE SAAB Maison collection will be displayed in the Interiors Department on the third floor, and covers an area of 120 m2. The stylistic elements that characterize the space have been carefully designed and studied by the Creative Director of Corporate Brand Maison, Carlo Colombo, together with his team, directly inspired by the Milan showroom. Every detail of the space is designed in a way to be revamped each season.

The ELIE SAAB Maison area will showcase the different environments of the collection: a large living area, a dining room and a bedroom, conceived as a luxurious suite. The suite will display the Voyage Royale bed accompanied by the Essence bedside tables as well as the Valet de Nuit, a system that integrates a series of mirrors and structures for storing objects becoming a true personal assistant. Alongside this, the Monolith sofa, which has been purposely chosen to propose a different vision of the bedroom, a space to interpret the home in an unconventional way. Harrods will have the exclusivity in previewing the first element of a Home Office Collection that will be unveiled next year. The space also houses a large selection of accessories, adding a touch of personality to any room in the house, including decorative cushions and plaids along with lighting and rugs.