The latest instalment of Dubai Chamber’s En Route to the Expo video series Dubai puts the spotlight on smart payments and advanced transaction technologies that are expected to play much bigger role in the way we live and do business in the future.

The video features Khalid Elgibali, Mastercard Division President – Middle East and North Africa, who elaborates on the company’s role as Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Payment Technology Partner.

“As Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Payment Technology Partner, the essence of what we are doing is enabling the payment experiences during expo – whether they’re online or on site – to be safe, secure and fast. But that’s just foundational. I think the higher level thing that we are working on – and enabling as well – relates not to today, but to the future, because technology changes by the day and payment experiences and capabilities also change by the day,“ he said.

Drawing attention to Mastercard’s installation at Expo 2020 Dubai – the Priceless Cube – he said feature demonstrates how the power of payment technology will be harnessed to make life safer, easier and more connected for all.

“We are taking the Expo as an opportunity to invite our guests and partners to take a look at the future, to cast their sight years ahead and say, ‘What can it possibly look like, what is possible?’ And we’re doing that by inviting them to experience a multi-sensory experience in what we call our ‘Priceless Cube.’ This gives them a glimpse of the future and what can happen across emerging technologies and in payments specifically, of course,” added Elgibali.

Launched in conjunction with Entrepreneur Middle East, Dubai Chamber’s En route to the Expo series has been established to provide a platform for public and private sector stakeholders to highlight their contribution to Expo 2020 Dubai, of which the chamber is the Official Business Integration Partner. The series was launched as part of the Business Connect platform – a dedicated information initiative established to help commercial enterprises in Dubai and the UAE navigate the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.