Expo 2020 Dubai will be a vision of the connected cities of the future, with the global mega-event the ideal platform to bring together the very best smart city concepts under one roof. That was the message delivered by Helmut Von Struve, CEO Siemens Middle East.

Speaking during the latest installment of ‘En Route to the Expo’ video, an initiative of Dubai Chamber, the chief executive outlined how the forthcoming expo’s status as one of the first mega events to take place following the coronavirus outbreak puts it in a uniquely significant position, as it gives the world a post-pandemic starting point to usher in a new era.

“Expo 2020, Dubai will be the biggest major global event to take place physically after the pandemic. We have 192 participating nations and we expect to see the world come together again and to look into the future, to exchange ideas and to showcase innovations, technology and a connected vision for the future going forward,” said Von Struve.

Discussing how Expo 2020 Dubai will offer the opportunity to explore how some connectivity concepts are already becoming a practical reality in Dubai and across the UAE, Von Struve cited The Sustainable City, the Al Maktoum Solar Park and Masdar City as prime examples of how interconnected ecosystems, smart buildings and industries work together, and where the power of the Internet of Things allows for more informed decision making.

“Siemens, the premier partner for infrastructure digitalisation, is creating nothing less than a blueprint for smart cities – cities where buildings, houses, electrical networks, security systems and power sources all talk to each other via the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence,” he said.

“The idea behind smart cities is to enhance people’s comfort and convenience, safety and security, and to do so in a more environmentally sustainable way that reduces pollution and shrinks our carbon footprint. Expo 2020 will be a rare opportunity for both Siemens and Dubai to demonstrate what we and the world are capable of achieving,” he added.

At a time when the need for a collective response to essential global challenges is needed more than ever, Expo 2020 will leverage the convening power of World Expos and the UAE’s unique position as a global nexus to bring together 192 countries and millions of visitors, to inspire meaningful change and create a brighter future for us all.

Dubai Chamber is the Official Business Integration Partner for Expo 2020 Dubai and is commencing its programme of activities on the sidelines of the event.

Dubai Chamber’s videos released as part of its ‘En Route to the Expo’ and Business Connect series, can be viewed here, or on the websites and social media channels of Dubai Chamber and Entrepreneur Middle East.