Marco Tedeschi, CEO, Smart Renovation

Marco Tedeschi was born in Italy and received his degree in Finance from SDA Bocconi University, where he had the opportunity to serve as an assistant to a well-known and respected professor at the same university. Following that, he obtained an exchange with the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he studied Statistics and Corporate Finance for three months. Tedeschi began his career as a Senior Product Manager at Henkel, one of Italy’s largest brands, when he was 29 years old.

He joined Reckitt Benckiser as Marketing Manager in Dubai at the age of 33, when the city was still in its early stages of development. In 1996, they built an office in Dubai with a crew of about ten individuals. The company worked with major brands and quickly grew to over 200 employees. During this period, Tedeschi felt like he was not exploiting his complete potential of his aptitude.

He and his friends established Superior Living, a regional brand. Superior Living had the concept of making the best architecture with the best comfort – a house that is perfectly insulated. 

La Vie En Rose Home, This apartment showcases stunning architecture and an awe-inspiring interior design, originating from Paris. The colour palette consists of a captivating blend of sky blue, green, and anthracite, creating an impressive visual appeal. The combination of the blue and green hues, complemented by chevron wood floors and exquisite tiling, along with a glossy dining niche, truly makes the space stand out.

During the European crisis in 2013, he built an office in Dubai, starting from a garage and scaling it up to the market today. 

This enabled him to build around the concept of Smart Renovation. Tedeschi’s ability to deal with numbers, strategy, and an instinctive affinity for design make him an ideal CEO. Smart Renovation is the result of many years of marketing and financial management experience combined with a passion for design. He has led the organisation through various fit-out projects over the last 10 years. The Villa Chanel, Arabian Ranches Saheel 42, and the commercial office space for Rothschild & Co. are among the significant recent projects.

Tedeschi has been at the helm of Smart Renovation for the last 10 years, he has been largely responsible for the firm today being recognised as a leader in the interior design fit out and refurbishment of massive residential projects across UAE. He develops and directs the implementation of business plans, aligning employees and creating strong relationships with key stakeholders.

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