flydubai, the dynamic and young airline, has soared to new heights with its modern headquarters in its home in Dubai, UAE. The stunning 900,000sqft. headquarters represents the airline’s forward-thinking vision and reflects its agility and commitment to innovation.

Recognising the important role a workspace plays in fostering creativity, collaboration and well-being, flydubai partnered with Dewan Architects + Engineers; renowned for their visionary designs and forward-thinking approach. Together, they embarked on a mission to create a headquarters that not only encapsulates the essence of the flydubai brand but also cultivates an environment that is conducive to increasing employee productivity. This architectural monument was created with a single goal in mind: to seamlessly incorporate flydubai’s operational efficiency, agility, and dependability concepts into the very fabric of the workplace.

Strategically located on Emirates Road, flydubai’s headquarters is equidistant to both major airports: Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC). This underscores the airline’s unwavering commitment to convenience and efficiency. The project’s design also factors in the possibility of future expansion through its additional office space, further emphasizing flydubai’s dedication to facilitating essential services and nurturing a collaborative work environment for its employees.

Architectural concept

Dewan Architects + Engineers drew influence from historical architectural concepts, incorporating urban and architectural scales throughout their design. On an urban scale, the design references the ancient Greek Agora and Roman Forum, resulting in a central gathering space that promotes community and connection.

Courtyards take the stage on the architectural scale, recognising their social, cultural, and environmental influence. Courtyards are meticulously designed to give solitude, safety, and a thermally comfortable micro-climate while effortlessly integrating into the headquarters’ design.

The core philosophy driving the design mirrors the forward-thinking nature of flydubai. Within the L-shaped headquarters, open-plan workspaces promote collaboration and interaction while maintaining an uncluttered environment to enhance employee productivity.

Dewan Architects + Engineers approached the project holistically, ensuring that functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and energy efficiency were seamlessly integrated to produce a futuristic, adaptable, expandable, and future-proof office environment.

Guided by a set framework of principles, architectural decisions were carefully curated to create a cohesive and harmonious appearance. An innovative and modern aesthetic resonates throughout the design, reflecting the airline’s efficiency and community. The open-space interiors prioritise employee well-being and creativity, providing a comfortable and naturally lit environment. Sustainability features and extensive use of recycled materials enhance the work environment’s green credentials.

Engineering Concepts

The architectural design showcases the latest technological advancements, exuding an energetic and vibrant ambience. Cutting-edge features serve as a testament to the airline’s innovative spirit, fostering a modern, fresh, healthy and friendly work environment.

The design embraces the ‘Golden Ratio’ concept, with proportions adhering to this mathematical principle, reinforcing the building’s harmony and visual appeal. Simple geometry combines with corporate office elements in a single-block structure accommodating various functions, from offices and training facilities to recreation areas and employee service centers.

Sustainable development adheres to the Dubai Green Building Code, promoting a greener future without compromising occupant health. 

The headquarters has also received a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, reflecting its commitment to a sustainable working environment for its employees through energy-efficient features and green building practices.

Interior design

The interior design tackled the challenge of inter-departmental connectivity and future expansion needs. The workspace distribution, developed after extensive stakeholder input and departmental staff interviews, creates modular nodes that form teams of various sizes with hierarchy of offices, open-plan desks, breakout areas and meeting spaces. These modular workgroups can easily double in size while maintaining communal elements.

The expansive headquarters includes office space, food and beverage outlets, training facilities, a fitness gym, and a relaxation area, as well as a separate warehouse, outdoor fitness areas, and plenty of onsite parking, including multiple charging spots for electric vehicles. Flydubai’s headquarters exemplify the airline’s dedication to innovation, collaboration, energy efficiency, resilience, and excellence. It is a symbol of prosperity and a monument to its continuous expansion.