The world of individual, collective and sustainable mobility is challenged colossally in urban areas. With rapid city growth, more people are crowding into small areas; so conventional mobility concepts and local public transportation are reaching the limits of their capability. Traffic cramming and the consequent high levels of air pollution are the result, which in turn leads to corrosion of the quality of life.

Looking to address these challenges, the second edition of the Future Cities Show, that will take place at Dubai World Trade Centre from April 9-11 2018, will feature the solutions that will shortly form part of our everyday urban transformation around the world. While flying cars may sound like science fiction, technological innovations have brought it closer to reality—potentially helping to create a feasible solution.

One of the main innovations that will appear in Future Cities Show is VIMANA Global, headquartered in Redwood City, California. VIMANA Global’s innovation reaches far beyond the conventional passenger drone context. VIMANA Global has incorporated the crypto-facts and blockchain, to ensure decentralised and continuous management of autonomous drone taxi routes in smart cities around the world.

Since seamless integration is a necessity for the future of mobility, the VIMANA aerospace engineering team is developing a one and four-seater autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV). The aerial vehicle is designed to take-off vertically with four passengers, propelled by an on-board hybrid electrical power unit. After it safely clears neighbouring buildings, its tandem wings get tilted with eight thrusting propellers to continue flight like conventional airplane for more than 90 km.

“VIMANA Global is solving a key urban air mobility, that of extending the Blockchain into the air, and delivering the technology that enables unmanned flights to launch and fly safely in any national airspace,” says Evgeni Borisov, founder and CEO, VIMANA Global.

Evgeni Borisov

One of the first demonstrations of VIMANA’s unmanned aerial vehicles and Blockchain Airspace Ecosystem in the Middle East will occur during the Future Cities Show, where VIMANA is participating along with more than 70 other companies working on unmatched solutions for a better future.

Dawood Al Shezawi, chairman of the organising committee of the Future Cities Show – says: “The testing and introduction of robots, drones and flying cars indicate one thing – the future has arrived. We will see unprecedented changes, disruptions and challenges as well as innovative solutions emerging that will create a completely new urban environment where technologies will dictate our life, work and activities.”