Art is in the air. Gallery One creative director and photographer, James Dominé,has released a new series of ‘Open Doors’ limited edition artworks. A true reflection of his global travels, the collection draws particular inspiration from Dominé’s observations in Europe and the Far East.

Dominé applied everyday urban scenes, as the photographic foundation for his compositions, transforming the seemingly mundane sights surrounding us, into striking metaphorical reflections.

Dominé said he developed the artworks from multiple sources and juxtaposing images to create beautifully constructed montages. On a trip to Tunis, North Africa, Dominé explained that he became fascinated by the architecture within the historical Medina area, a world heritage site where generations of stories have unfolded down the narrow lanes and alleyways.

“The ancient doors scattering the streets are vast and impressive and I became increasingly curious about what was behind these imposing structures,” he said.

Dominé photographs inspiringly unique doors throughout the Middle East and North Africa; including Tunisia, Turkey, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.