Kraz is a modern Emirati restaurant located in a residential area in Sharjah. H2R Design firm modernised Kraz in a way that suits the contemporary Emirati lifestyle with a manifestation of the new while appreciating and honouring the traditions and values of older generations through its on-ground ‘majlis’ style seating areas. Modern chairs and tables sprawl across the central area, while the side walls nest majlis cushioned sofas and lowered tables.

Their inspiration for the interior design of the restaurant was influenced by the cosiness of the historical majlis which represents the space for warm gatherings, a place dedicated to important conversations, a dwelling to share food, laughter and memorable moments.

The cultural connection paved the way for the development of the design, ensuring the local flair is represented in detail. Simultaneously, the interior design also takes an understated approach to modernity; adding sophistication and richness with the utilisation of textures.

Key design features include geometric patterns, textured paints,  and handmade porcelain wall tiles from Italy. The intricately carved Mashrabiya panels pertaining to the characteristic of Arabic residences  are made of wood and placed on the ceiling, walls and also as a hallway divider.

Photography: Alex Jeffries Photography Group