Award winning Dubai-based interior designer, Nikki Bisiker, has joined forces with Emma Bache, a leading professional graphologist (hand-writing analyst) who recently published her book ‘Reading Between the Lines’. Together they are to develop a fun yet revealing way to help clients understand their personality and therefore shed insight on their home lifestyle and design preferences. Emma can analyse hand writing in most languages, including Arabic.

A person’s handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint and is ultimately controlled by the brain. Each time we write we are capturing a projection of our typical behaviours, emotions, habits and health. This age-old science will help reveal personality traits that are important to understand when designing personal living spaces.

Says Bisiker, “My ethos is to create homes that are personal and unique to the owner. Every client comes with their own practical and creative wishes so my personal style doesn’t really enter into the designs. It’s important to understand a client’s lifestyle, likes, dislikes and emotional needs. Although I am creating an interesting backdrop as the base to their canvas, it is the client’s personality that must find its expression and joy in the finished home.”

Says, Bache “Our handwriting exposes how we interact with the world and the people around us, and also how we cope with stress and express emotions. It can help us make choices for our future, showing us what our desires are, and even what jobs, homes and partners may suit us best. This new collaboration will appeal to those who want to better understand themselves and how to best design the dream home in which to live.”