Harrods will launch its interior design venture in the UAE at Index.

The legendary London department store will create a VIP lounge for the 27th edition of the trade fair, which comes to Dubai in May.

Interior stylists from Harrods Interiors, the high-end retailer’s interior design arm, are crafting a five-star retreat within the forest paradise Index has promised this year’s visitors.

Set in the heart of the show’s new luxury hall, it will showcase the brand’s debut furniture range, the Harrods of London collection, which officially launches in March. It will be the first time pieces from the stunning collection will be displayed outside the British capital – and marks Harrods Interiors’ first design of a public space anywhere in the UAE.

Letitia Taylor, Head of Harrods Interiors, said: “We are delighted to support Index this year in Dubai. We will be creating a visual feast for the senses by using the intense colours and textures of nature, inspired by the wild.

“Guests will be transported to into the heart of a tropical paradise. By using an exciting mix of organic materials and whimsical prints with strong and unexpected narratives, Harrods Interiors will create a memorable sensory experience for our guests with the design celebrating all of the latest interior and design trends.” The director of Index, Samantha Kane- Macdonald, said: “There may simply be no brand held in the same esteem as Harrods. When you speak of Harrods, people know you’re talking high-end; they picture signature designers and outstanding products.

“That reputation has been built by a near two century dedication to style and innovation – hallmarks that are now the cornerstones of Harrods Interiors. To have such a respected, experienced and design-leading creative team as the brains behind our VIP lounge is a source of huge excitement for everyone involved in Index. It promises to be truly breathtaking.”