Herman Miller announces the launch of the Luva Modular Sofa Group and Cyclade Tables—two artful designs created in partnership with Portugal based Singaporean designer Gabriel Tan. Constantly exploring new ways to work across disciplines and reinterpret traditional craft and technology, Tan pays homage to a myriad of cultural intersections to these incredibly comfortable—and functional—designs.

“We’re thrilled with our partnership with Gabriel,” notes Ben Watson, President, Herman Miller. “Herman Miller takes pride in collaborating with the world’s best designers. Tan is a designer who is dedicated to preserving and elevating craftsmanship while creating dynamic furnishings that support the evolving needs of today’s customer, wherever they are.”

“When a design is successful, different people can read it in different ways. Depending on where you’re from, you can interpret and relate to these designs in a totally different way from somebody else across the world,” adds Tan.

Both relaxing and supportive, Luva Modular Sofa is a study in duality: incredibly versatile and visually irresistible. Luva—Portuguese for “glove”—was designed at Tan’s studio in Porto, Portugal, its shape inspired by the soft grip and padded support of boxing gloves, as well as the delicate rolled tops of Japanese futons or Shikibuton. The result is a distinct, visually soft form, grounded in natural textiles and organic lines. Much like the glove it emulates, Luva can expand into an open back, allowing a relaxed lounge posture. With a closed “fist”, it becomes a more supported seat, serving as a place to chat and work. Luva is available in several configurations, from an armchair and chaise to a sofa or sectional. A detachable ottoman adds to the variety. Thanks to a hidden bar near the bottom of the seat, these pieces can be grouped together easily or moved apart as desired—all without changing the tactile, plush aesthetic.

Tan’s Cyclade Tables—an arrangement of three tables—emulates the form of Pangea, with islands coming together and flowing apart seamlessly. Each table is distinctive, with qualities that feel unique and organic, working just as well intertwined as they do apart. They can nest together, creating a trio of tables with different heights and purposes. Separately, their varied forms shine, balancing smooth, curved edges and intriguing negative space. Cyclade is available in a low table with an optional glass bowl for entertaining, displaying objects or adding greenery, as well as mid and high table variations. The result, in any configuration, is sculptural beauty that is just right for the heart of a living space and a distinct nod to one of Tan’s inspirations, Isamu Noguchi.

For contract customers, the products will be available for purchase globally where Herman Miller and MillerKnoll dealers are found. Availability may vary. Visit the Herman Miller website for your region for details.