The modern world offers almost endless possibilities. It was a desire to find some quiet within this noise that drove designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin to create the Civic Table range. It’s an idea that began when they designed for the furniture system they developed for collaborative work.

Civic is a comprehensive table collection that lends itself to a wide variety of applications for work, home and hospitality. It includes meeting tables, conference tables, cafe tables, lounge tables, collaboration tables and side tables, each offering a choice of shapes, colours, materials, and finishes.

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

“We realised there was a need for tables that could deal with customisation and eclecticism – relevant for unique interiors but made from the same bones” says Hecht. He and Colin developed one table base that works for all use without compromising function, cost or variety.

Stacy Stewart – MEA regional director at Herman Miller said: “We are proud to launch our latest comprehensive table collection- Civic Tables with a focus on work, home and hospitality. Hecht and Colin’s design expertise along with Herman Miller’s undoubtedly high standard of innovation continues to bring our customers universal high-performance collections across the region.”

The foundation of Civic is a base design for each table which gives harmony, elegance and coherence to a space, allowing them to be specified across a diverse range of environments. Accompanied by table tops with curved edges and fluid shapes Civic encourages people to gather round; it’s collaboration without hierarchy.

While visual harmony is at the heart of Civic, this is coupled with a desire to celebrate the diversity of each client and celebrate the diversity of styles across many spaces. Civic pushes the boundaries of finishes through the introduction of lino, marble, and soft-touch surfaces. These premium finishes paired with a slim profile edge can elevate a simple table to one which enhances where people work and meet.

Civic Tables will be available to order across the Middle East in March 2020.