How can designers best help other sectors post-Covid? How for example do you make a post-Covid table for food and beverage businesses, some of whom are clients, struggling with vast compliance issues?

Dubai-based design studio SVENM has created a new product called ‘VOYAGER’. This table fully addresses each of these key post-Covid hospitality sector needs.

Social distancing being the need of the hour, with the base structure being asymmetrical [one table leg is extensively recessed] the table’s design is ideal for pushchair accessibility and only fits three guests, at one time.


To reduce surface transmission of microbes the table’s glass has an antiviral polymer finish which actively inhibits bacteria from spreading, supporting Dubai food and beverage businesses facing ongoing hygiene compliance guidelines.

Its skeletal structure and hexagonal table top are nods to design history giants like Carlo Scarpa and Joe Colombo who in the 1960’s set the bar for aesthetics linked to space travel and futurism.

SVEN MÜLLER, founder and designer  SVENM, says: ‘The design parameters we set ourselves with this studio project were the following design a post-Covid table which could support social distancing requirements, is easy to wipe clean and disinfect fast, would look edgy and future facing, could be made in small batches, customisable and mid-range in pricing for buyers.”