Ideal Standard has launched the first in a unique series of theatrical events, merging design, art, and architecture. Taking a creative and thought-provoking approach, the event in Milan on the April 21, 2021, encouraged attendees to consider the impact that interior design has on modern living.

The Together World Tour, created by Ideal Standard, is an event series linked to six iconic cities. Each destination provides a unique visual and cultural backdrop for the launch of a new product collection from the brand. Through an intriguing, cinematic digital format, each event in the series takes a unique approach to combining cultural and lifestyle trends with architecture and design.

Speaking about the Together World Tour Series, Torsten Tuerling, Chief Executive Officer at Ideal Standard said: “We wanted to create an immersive experience for our customers that really challenged and inspired the way we think about bathroom design. We are proud to have a long legacy in driving design innovation in the bathroom industry and the Together World Tour takes a unique, theatrical format to bring to life some of our latest ranges. These new lines combine modern design principles with inspiration from some of our most iconic pieces, to create aspirational products that are helping to shape bathrooms of the future.”

“Together World Tour is a dynamic experience enabling us to explore the values of our brand in the MENA region and resulting in what we believe to be a journey of unforgettable moments of inspiration and delight.” added Ahmed Hafez, Chief Executive Officer at Ideal Standard MENA.

A tribute to the Linda collection created in 1977, by A. Castiglioni, the new collection, Linda-X, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, proudly takes inspiration from the original piece, celebrating the brand’s cultural heritage, while incorporating modern influences to create a contemporary collection which reflects the future of bathroom design.

Roberto Palomba and Ludovica

“This collection stems from the desire to pay homage to Ideal Standard’s DNA with an eye to the future” – said Roberto Palomba. “For us it meant studying the historical collection and rethinking the design with an updated vision. When you choose a model to inspire you, you also take on the values it represents, not just the physical design. We strongly believe that the foundation for timeless design is grounded in values, rather than trends, and this was an important consideration for us when it came to Linda-X.”

Architecture, design, technology, and environmental awareness are the guiding principles of this collection. Comprising a range of basins and an elegant bath tub, the Linda-X collection stands out for its super-light design, which is minimalist and clean, but designed to have a dramatic impact.

One of the key visual elements of this collection is the ultra-thin edges of the basin. Linda-X is made with unique ceramic blend Diamatec®, which not only results in a fine ceramic which is visually appealing, but also guarantees extra durability, as well as reducing the use of raw materials in its production. The result is a piece that meets the expectations of modern-day design: sustainability and grace.

The platform on which the basin stands is a key part of the design, which gives the visual impression the basin is almost weightless and ‘floating’, while also creating a space-conscious solution for the needs of modern lifestyles, as it means you can place the basin on narrow furniture.

Linda-X basins are available in 5 sizes (45 to 75 cm) and two finishes (glossy white and silk white).
The perfect match to Linda-X is the Joy taps collection, also designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba.
Joy has a very different but equally striking look. The design stems from the desire to create a smooth and continuous surface, resulting in a clean and modern singular piece of brassware. This product was designed to be versatile, as it suits both square or round ceramics. It’s a piece that adapts perfectly to different environments. Its four finishes (chrome, silver storm, brushed gold and magnetic grey) each reflect the form of the tap and its intention to create a strong visual statement. The neat design is complemented by a water saving feature, the Eco Flow regulator, which reduces the water consumption down to 5L/min.

Registration is now open for the next stop on The Together World Tour in Berlin on June 16, 2021, which is followed by appearances in London, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai. Each event, will be streamed on the digital platform, where it is possible to watch past events, register for upcoming ones and also access exclusive, inspirational content around each destination of the journey, and the new collections.