Ideal Standard introduced a brand new, sophisticated colour palette for Ipalyss vessels and Connect Air mixers, which are a part of their Atelier Collections in collaboration with Italian design studio Palomba Serafini Associati.

The Ipalyss range of vessels is supplied in three configurations: a vessel without overflow, a vessel with overflow, and one with overflow and a deck. The overflow in these vessels has been thoughtfully integrated into the design. The result is a discreet, slotted design that does not compromise the clean lines and minimalism of the piece. In addition to white gloss and white silk, now these vessels are available in 10 different colours including black gloss, black matt, slate grey, concrete, sage, powder, pomegranate, mink, Nude, and Kashmir. These colours add to the contemporary and elegant appeal of the vessels and have the ability to add more character to the bathroom.

Connect Air range of mixers offer a perfect mix of form and function – exquisite design and eco-friendly attributes. The extremely light weight and durable collection, now has introduced four new colours including chrome, silver storm, brushed gold and magnetic grey. The new colour palette can be combined Ideal Standard’s ceramics, to create a bold synergy between shape, material, and colour.

Frederick Trzcinski, marketing and innovation director, MENA, Ideal Standard Gulf, said “Colours have a way of invoking a sense of emotion and reflect the personality of the user. Use of colours are intrinsic to Ideal Standard’s legacy and with the introduction of colours like chrome, powder blue, pomegranate, brushed gold and magnetic grey, we want to give our customers the opportunity to explore and harness their sensibility of colours. We believe these colours combined with our ceramic can build a bridge between the contemporary and the classic.”

Products in the Ipalyss and Connect Air range are especially well suited for demanding environments, such as hotels, offices, restaurants, etc. where an effective combination of aesthetics and durability is of paramount importance. The design maximises available vessel space and supreme water efficiency, resulting in an enhanced user experience.