Ideal Standard integrates their new design-led portfolio, Atelier Collections, with two new ranges of mixer taps: Conca and Joy. Created in collaboration with Italian design studio Palomba Serafini Associati, the inspirational new collections aim to strengthen the brand’s “design philosophy” and shape the bathrooms of the future.

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, international design masters with over 25 years of experience, maintain a very simple approach for their creations: quality and intuitive design with an eye to the past, while ensuring the levels of practicality, purity and elegance meet the needs of modern society.

The inclusive design of the Atelier Collection reveals an intentional design choice, offering a comprehensive range of solutions, allowing the perfect match between ceramics, furniture and taps, whilst allowing complete customisation of the project.

Designing the bathroom environment is about integrating the total look, making a variety of choices that coexist dynamically and overcome the concept of simply placing functional elements in the space with a fixed arrangement.

The two new lines of mixers, Conca and Joy, are available in chrome and PVD* finishes, options of silver storm (brushed nickel), brushed gold, and magnetic grey (dark grey, gunmetal).

The formal lightness of Conca, obtained through a flat proportioned, square and very slim design, with a slightly curved handle, completes the skyline of the basin, allowing perfect integration.

“The handle that extends out onto the basin, – says Roberto Palomba – is inspired by the buckle of a Gucci belt from the 1980s and makes it an object that does not go unnoticed, thanks to its square-shaped aesthetic and connected curves. A totemic object, protagonist of the bathroom “.

Joy, a cylindrical one piece mixer, stems from the desire to create a smooth and continuous surface, free of discontinuity. The body is entirely obtained from a single fusion, with the aim of creating a very direct visual and tactile interaction with the user.

According to Studio Palomba Serafini Associati: “Joy is a monolithic object by design intention, characterised by a great formal lightness that makes it extremely accessible and flexible, to perfectly adapt to all bathroom styles. Joy expresses the neo-essentiality of design”.

In its stylistic simplicity, this product has a very strong character and was created to be very transversal: it can fit on square or round ceramics and adapts perfectly to different environments.

Joy’s continuous surface makes the mixer easier to clean and hygienic, avoiding the formation of germ and limescale deposits, which are more easily created between discontinuous parts. The basin and bidet mixers in the range include a 5 l/m aerator, which allows to reduce water consumption.

* Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a technology that, within a controlled environment, ay produces thin coatings with excellent resistance to chemicals, wear, impact, and discolouration. This process has the ability to improve the durability and appearance of a product. In particular, it provides exceptional corrosion resistance. Since PVD relies on a vacuum process, it is also environmentally friendly.