The Innovation Hub is a new business park designed by RMJM. Located in the heart of new Dubai, the park is nestled between Internet City, Media City and Knowledge Village, a prime spot for networking and building business connections. Launched by HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in late 2014 (on the 15th anniversary of the launch of Internet City), the development was designed to provide large, established companies and small startups with a modern and exciting working environment.

RMJM developed the masterplan, including 110,000sqm of offices and 90,000sqm of hospitality space. The parking is located in the basement to keep the ground level as pedestrian-friendly as possible, to encourage co-working and interaction between businesses at a human level. Small boutiques, offices and workshop cafes complete the landscape, creating a large connected central urban plaza at ground level. Meandering pedestrian passageways connect activity zones from all sides of the buildings. The idea behind these extensive pedestrian routes was to create movement throughout the development rather than concentrating it through single passageways. Paving materials are a mixture of natural stones and locally manufactured concrete, with lighter colours used for the main areas to reduce heat gain. Shade trees along walking routes and for seating areas, and a district cycle route along the periphery, promote outdoor use and walkability.

“As an architect, the realisation of a design, from details sketched on paper to the experience of walking through the development gives me a sense of excitement for the potential of what is to come for such a future-forward designed environment,” says Anugraha Isaac, senior architect.

The Innovation Hub project aims to provide a functional, graceful interior for business in a digital age. The public spaces incorporate the principles of co-working to create areas where workers can hold impromptu meetings, share ideas and be productive outside the traditional workplace environment. The use of simple materials and clean lines bring out a modern design that does not distract but is rather pleasing to the eye and mind. The touch of bold colour details visually stimulates the creative process. The design of the space is modern, clean and efficient, facilitating a creative environment that enables engagement and interaction.

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