iMaker, founded in 2017 in Saudi Arabia by brothers Ahmad and Baraa Alrefai, is an established architecture, interior design, and landscaping firm that is now making its mark in the UAE.

The Alrefai brothers saw the perfect gap in the market and wanted to create a company that provides end to end architecture and design services. They set about building a team comprising of creative and highly experienced interior designers, architects, engineers, and project managers attuned to today’s sophisticated world’s demand, who would be able to take care of a project from start to finish, and hence iMaker was born.

One of the marquee projects iMaker has been involved in recently was the Al Omran modern contemporary luxury mansion in Dir’yah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With a total land size of 2241 square meters and a standing two-story design (excluding the basement), the villa’s exterior design is nothing short of magnificent and the property includes 6 bedrooms, 15 washrooms, 3 kitchen areas, 3 dining areas, 5 living areas, along with an incredible basement courtyard lounge area. The villa is influenced by the biophilic characteristics found in its surroundings and the project was inspired by the current trend of sleek lines and a clean design that appears basic but oozes elegance.

Baraa Alrefai, Founder and Managing Director of iMaker, said recently, “Moving our business to Dubai was the most logical step to take iMaker to the next level. After having worked on some masterpieces of over 120 projects in the Saudi market, we are excited to expand the business to Dubai market which is in line with our growth plans. We have already begun several projects in the city, and we envisage the coming months and years are going to be a very busy time as the company continues to grow. We want to give our clients a new level of design brilliance in which they are as involved as possible during each step of the process.”

Each project iMaker is involved in is undertaken in a responsible creative approach and the quality of service and vision of modern luxury in a global context have all contributed to their success. Creative use of light and space, lateral thinking, attention to detail, and the careful use of natural materials are all hallmarks of the wonderful work iMaker has done to date. Boasting an extensive list of successful works already throughout Saudi Arabia, iMaker is now making its mark in Dubai and is quickly becoming highly sought after throughout the city.

Another of iMaker’s standout works is the Al Salah private residential luxury villa in Malqa, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Built over four stories on a lot measuring 1,682sqm, rich foliage envelops the structure, and it includes a running track, a basketball court, a greenhouse for cultivating plants, a state-of-the-art gym, an elevated pool, 18 washrooms, 5 kitchens, 7 bedrooms, 4 dining rooms, 6 living rooms, and 4 walk-in closets. A stunning, modern home that is bursting with vegetation and strategically incorporates play areas for children wherever feasible, this villa gives a sense of luxury while still being a welcoming home for the client’s young family.


Featuring a further repertoire of notable projects including the Al Ghunaim luxury parametric designed villa in Riyadh, the Abuhmeid luxury villa in Hittin, Riyadh, the Al Rwaithi classic home in Al Malqa, Riyadh, and the sensational MWB Al Waseel Beach Club and Resort in Riyadh, iMaker creates true luxury and opulence in everything it does, while still been acutely aware of their clients’ desires and needs.