The cabin is located in Senja at 69° North in Norway surrounded by majestic mountains, magical fjords with thriving fishing villages, holding on to narrow bits of land between mountains and ocean.

The cabin designed by Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio is located near a small fishing village called Hamn. The client wanted a family cottage with panoramic views of Senja’s stunning mountains and nature. In such a beautiful and delicate landscape, it is important to build with nature and create a project that feels like a part of the landscape.

The cabin has a wooden facade painted in dark grey to naturally blend in with the surrounding nature. The windows are made of wood/aluminum with details in steel to protect from the harsh winter storms. The main entrance is carved into the building mass and creates a sheltered space to relax.

At the dinner table, one gathers the family with a panoramic view of the mountains. The lines between inside and outside have been blurred and the space changes in tune with the light and landscape.

Hans Petter Bjørnådal, owner and architect at Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio, says: “Architecture is about facilitating life that will take place inside the built, and that this life thrives and grows in symbiosis with our world. Architecture is not just the shell that keeps you dry and shields you from the forces of nature. It will also help to recreate the connection between man and nature, man, and the cosmos.”