Caia, a new boutique café by Group, has opened in trendy Boxpark Dubai. In the UAE, the boutique is well-known for providing innovative interior concepts and imaginative design solutions.

The firm works with various entities across the country and further into the Middle East. They take pride in knowing that they seamlessly translate their client’s briefs into spectacular and unique environments. Caia means pure or beautiful lady in ancient Greek. K.arts minimalistic design approach clearly juxtaposes the jagged mountain detailing in the accent wall and full-height rock corner. Throughout the café, designers have used an earthy, mountainous palette that gives a natural, bright and inviting tone. The muted decorative paint finish matches the stone flooring throughout the bright space.

At the centre of the space lies an impressive five-metre stone counter which forms the hub of the café. They have used the same stone throughout as the tabletops, accent decoration, and an impressive floating planter. Various Maldivian palms form the greenery throughout, completing the natural theme. One of the most critical aspects of the design was the stone wall and oversized counter. The design team made silicon moulds of the Hatta mountains and poured glass fibre reinforced concrete into these moulds to create the rock wall panels. A local artist carried out comprehensive post-processing to ensure realistic appeal. As with any of Group designs, they have focussed on exquisite attention to detail. Interior design is a practical and philosophical discipline that supports the pleasure and overall well-being of the occupants by providing a safe yet fun environment in which to play. Since 2004, Group has understood that interior design is not just about aesthetics. It unifies and strengthens the bond experienced within a space.

The founder of Caia, explained: “The design team at Group had a clear vision for Caia. They were committed to excellence in all aspects of service and luxury design; we’ve cultivated an open and long-lasting relationship. They recognise the importance of the environment and the necessity to merge organic principles into the culture and attitude of the organisation. Boxpark perfectly showcases smaller brands striving to be different. This well-visited destination has an eclectic mix of homeware, boutique fashion, and dining alternatives. Guests will enjoy visiting Caia and its peaceful mountain vibe. Healthy juices and farm-to-table food accentuates outdoor living in this fashionable neighbourhood”.