Acclaimed Italian artist Gio Bressana debuts his first Middle East showroom in the UAE’s creative hub, Dubai Design District (D3). The fully immersive space seamlessly melds the artist’s mastery of frescoes and furniture design into a holistic environment that redefines the boundaries of artistic expression.

A pioneering master in the fusion of historical art styles including Baroque, Gothic, Neoclassical, Impressionism, Liberty, and Modernism, the showroom presents Bressana’s first art and design interiors concept, ‘The Hidden Garden’. Featuring a fresco mural that captures the artist’s creative flair, the wall showcases an ethereal garden reminiscent of 19th-century Oriental botanical rice paper paintings.

A curated blend of beauty and functionality, the studio’s capsule of 10 unique furniture pieces was designed by Bressana and his creative design partner Simonne Chevalier and handcrafted by Italian artisans. The capsule includes a lamp meticulously made from burned stones to resemble a flowering Magnolia tree and two coffee tables made from rock crystal and semi-precious stones. An ethereal sofa evokes the timeless elegance of Coromandel lacquer screens reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s iconic designs. Complementing these remarkable pieces are two sculptures of a bear and a bag, as well as an elegant table made of white onyx with legs hand-painted by Gio himself.

Personalization is at the core of Bressana’s artistic philosophy. Every environment is meticulously created as a non-repeatable masterpiece and exclusively tailored to the client’s desires. By understanding their emotional triggers and desired experiences, Bressana crafts bespoke and resonant creations into tangible living environments. The new studio promises a revolutionary and bespoke “design story” service, pushing the boundaries of creativity and luxury.

Commenting on the showroom’s launch, Gio Bressana said: “I am excited to be opening our first showroom outside of Italy in Dubai, a growing international hub for the arts. In ‘The Hidden Garden,’ I see the environments of our homes through a lens, capturing the colours, shapes, and deep connection I feel with nature. It’s all about harmonizing materials with the concept of sustainability to create spaces that nurture both physical and mental wellbeing. This is my vision for a truly perfect design.”

“I wanted to create a three-dimensional space where people can be truly immersed and feel the emotion of the room and the artist. This new concept of living art is brought to life in ‘The Hidden Garden’ collection and is the first of many. I am a huge fan of the Orient Express, and I hope to transport people to the most enchanting locations with my art. We very much look forward to welcoming visitors to the studio.”