Dubai-based collectible design brand Kameh debuts, with the Kameh 0.1 table. Created in 2022, Kameh combines craftsmanship and complexity into original interior home pieces where function and art are synonymous.

The Kameh table mimics a solid stone smoothed on the exposed surface by unforgiving nature and still rough and uniquely formed on the inside. The material structure of the table, while looking solid, is crafted by techniques and multiple layers of materials representing the human self. the metal construction of the frame as bones and physical body, the softness of foam that fills the inside core of the table representing human emotions, and the hard cement covering the structure as the protective instinct guard we create to shield from the harshness of the world.

It appears on the pristine white surface as though there is purity and calm, there is a simplicity to admire, and when taking a deeper look at the underside of the table, there is a harsh contrast between the rough and imperfect body.