Kart Group is unveiling an art installation at Dubai Design Week 2020— ‘The Leader’; which celebrates HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s journey of leadership and supports future designers. Dubai Design Week will take place from 9-14 November 2020.

The experimental and interactive three-dimensional art installation showcases a giant silhouette of the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. ‘The Leader’ is a commemorative admiration of HH Sheikh Mohammed and his inspired leadership of the eclectic population of the United Arab Emirates. The sculpture virtually guides onlookers through his journey of accomplishment, diversity and ordeals. ‘The Leader’ progresses into an optimistic future through an ‘ewan’ style space. HH Sheikh Mohammed has a down-to-earth relationship with the people of Dubai.

The vibrant culture of the city attracts residents and visitors from around the world, and this sculpture pays homage to a remarkable man. The inspired Kart team brainstormed the various factors and pressures of being a leader.

The concept was to create a complex and multi-layered inverted sculpture that possesses a powerful visual impact whilst remaining minimalistic. The space inside the cube provides a sphere in which a white cementitious paint finish ornaments layered cut out Styrofoam. The textured veneer gives weight to the otherwise light-weight and voluminous sculpture. Concise internal layering creates an aureole around the silhouette of His Highness, representing his revered leadership glory.

The artwork installations will be positioned across the city, which will enrich an already creative vibrancy and raise the community’s connection with art. The sculpture will convey a message, through art, of hope and prosperity despite the effects of the global pandemic. The distinctive three-finger salute expresses his approach to the country -winning, victory and love, which symbolises his work ethic, success, and the love of the nation.