Designing buildings with increasingly open and transparent spaces is one of the current architectural trends: the contribution of natural light, in fact, is one of the fundamental factors for the well-being of individuals.

KE’s innovation is able to guarantee these pluses with LINE GLASS, the new closing system consisting of sliding windows on tracks. Easy to install and without perimeter profiles, it ensures maximum design versatility and completely exclusive functions. All this, with the reliability, safety and design of a product entirely made in Italy.

The ideal solution for living your own pergola, sheltered from wind, rain, and noise, the system is characterised by its linear design: for example, the square handle in satin finish is specially designed to enhance its minimal aesthetics.

Consisting of a powder coated aluminium structure and 10 mm tempered glass panels supported by backdrops containing the sliding system, LINE GLASS allows you to create real large glass screens (up to 7 m wide by 3 m high). Thanks to the reduced dimensions and the “all glass” effect, it increases the brightness of the rooms, allowing you to live in close contact with the surrounding landscape, in a continuous dialogue between indoor and outdoor living spaces.